SANBE 2015-2016 Grants Awarded

Congratulations to the recipients of the SANBE 2015-2016 Grants Awarded!

Anne-Marie Fischer & Val Anderson - ECFE program
 Educational field trip to an orchard for participants in the Family Learning and Outreach Classes.  This activity is proposed to enrichment the following skills: practicing English, social skills, critical thinking skills and strengthening social bonds.  

Jamie Eagan and the Wellness Committee – Wilshire Park Elementary Tower Garden to grow vegetables over the whole year including the system and grow lights.  Once grown and harvested the vegetables will be used for the Wilshire Park salad bar. 

L Casey – EL teacher St. Anthony Middle School and St. Anthony High School Chrome books and accessories for EL students to increase MCA reading scores.  The use of the Chrome books will allow more access to technology for a group of students affected by the digital divide.  This access will help to bridge the achievement gap between EL and white, non EL students.

G Hugill  - St. Anthony High School RoboHuskies competition to build for 50 students to participate. 

Amy Cooper – Wilshire Park Elementary ipad minis and cases for second grade. 

Ellen Isaacs – Wilshire Park Elementary Two mini ipads for a kindergarten classroom.  The ipads would use applications that increase skills in literacy, math, science and other curricular activities.  Additionally students would learn to operate and care for electronics.  Specific skills include read e-books independently or read along, listen to reading, practice writing letters or sight words, and record themselves giving book reviews.

Alli Downing - Wilshire Park Elementary Stages Theater residency for first graders allowing development in reading, speaking, listening and performance skills.  The program will reach all first grade students at Wilshire Park introducing them to story telling and story drama.  The program addresses the common core standards of English Language Arts.

Emmi Hackbarth – Wilshire Park Elementary Ukulele program for the fifth grade level that meets the MN academic standards in the arts.  Provides the ability to apply the basic music theory they have learned earlier in elementary school.  “Uke can be a Rock Star” curriculum will run for 10-12 weeks and conclude with the fifth graders participating in enrichment activity with their kindergarten buddies.  Students will develop skills in picking, strumming, sight-reading, composing, improvising and collaboration. 

Amber Potts & Michelle Mussell – St. Anthony Middle School Fitness bar circuit pack to be used for up to 400 middle school students.  The bar circuit pack will increase muscular strength and add versatility and variety in the total body circuit program.  This provides an alternative to the high school fitness center that is frequently busy and the equipment is not always small enough for middle school bodies. 

Nora Ronken & Christine Rodrick  - Wilshire Park Elementary Addition of 10 Chrome Books for the special education department.  The computers can be used to assist with books that talk, to complete activities and to guide practice of concepts via electronic worksheets.  Chrome books allow for individualizing needs.   This can allow the student to work alongside grade level peers. 

Kathie Frank & Nikoline Tushar – Wilshire Park Elementary Provide Chrome Books for two 5th grade classrooms to extend the curriculum.  The computers will be used to increase skills in critical thinking, problem solving, synthesizing, research and communication skills.  Subjects to be enhanced are math, reading, science, social studies and writing.