SANBE School Supplies Fundraiser

St. Anthony New Brighton Education Foundation (SANBE)
School Supplies Fundraiser for students entering K-8 for the 2017 - 2018 school year


We lead busy lives and when a new school year approaches, we could all use a little help with the items on our to-do list. SANBE would like to help you cross one
item off your list by providing the convenience of pre-packaged school supplies. No more hassles running from store to store trying to find the proper items!
SANBE will provide you and your family with cost effective, high quality; name brand school supplies and at the same time, raises funds for our organization.
SANBE’s mission is to provide additional financial support for teachers and staff in the form of grants that bring creative programs and innovative methodologies
to the classroom. This fundraiser supports SANBE’s efforts to continue providing valuable funding for our school district.

Crayola, Mead, Avery– name brand products!
School Supply boxes delivered directly to your home!

Order exclusively ONLINE! Order NOW – June 15, 2017 @
Wilshire Park:
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