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Discover what makes us brilliant

Graduating student walking down the aisle
Thrive emotionally and socially in adaptive environments

We will use every resource available to ensure that students are holistically challenged and comprehensively prepared.

Teacher writing on the board
Harness academic skills and a love of learning

We provide transformational learning experiences and spaces where students can engage in an open and inviting space. 

A student sitting down watching the teacher
Positively contribute as a thriving citizen to their community

We are a community and district united as family in nurturing the brilliance of every child.

A student working in a classroom
Possess a love of learning

We will engage each child at heart level and shine a light on each student's love of learning. 

We are Ever Brighter

Discover the brilliance of our students at St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools. 


Wilshire Park Elementary

Grades K-5

Wilshire Park Elementary School students will be valued and provided an individualized educational experience. We will form strong partnerships with students, parents and families. 

St. Anthony Middle School

Grades 6-8

St. Anthony Middle School is a school committed to providing students with authentic learning experiences in a caring environment.

St. Anthony Village High School

Grades 9-12

St. Anthony Village High School will provide a personally challenging, engaging and inclusive environment for all students in a preparation for a successful future. 

Community Services

St. Anthony Community Services offers a wide variety of enrichment and recreation classes for youth and adult lifelong learners in our community.

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