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Teachers on Call

The St. Anthony-New Brighton School District (SANB) has partnered with Teachers On Call, to provide substitute teachers and paraprofessionals.

Apply now

  • If you have already applied with Teachers On Call in a neighboring district, you need not reapply. Simply contact Teachers On Call to advise that you would like access to substitute opportunities at SANB.
  • Please contact Teachers On Call directly at 1-800-713-4439 with questions and for more information.


To qualify for a substitute teacher position, you must have a valid Minnesota teaching license in any content area OR a valid Minnesota short-call substitute license. You must hold a minimum of a BA/BS college degree in order to obtain a Minnesota short-call sublicense.

The Minnesota Department of Education (MDE) is responsible for issuing all teaching licenses. To apply for a teaching license and/or licensure questions, please contact the MDE office online or call 651-582-8691.

To qualify for a paraprofessional position, candidate must have a high school diploma or equivalent.

View the Teachers On Call flyer (PDF).