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Community Engagement Circles

What is a Community Engagement Circle?

The goal of a community circle is to come together and create understanding, learn how to talk in new ways, and create connections. All of this is accomplished with the help of a trained facilitator. Basically speaking, engaging in circle events helps a community build new skills to relate with each other on more personal levels, raise awareness, and to create a foundation for connection and communication that strengthens the ability to have open conversations during difficult times. 

Community Engagement Circles planned for January-June 2021

In 2021, we will introduce new themes each month through the month of June. Registration is available online. There is a maximum of 20 participants for each FREE event that will take place for a total of two hours. Each circle will be led by Facilitator Marius J. Massie, CEO and director of Professional Development at Breaking Lines Co

Themes by month:

These events are in partnership with the St. Anthony New Brighton School District, the City of St. Anthony Village, and the St. Anthony New Brighton Family Services Collaborative.

Background info

In November 2020, we introduced an opportunity for members of the St. Anthony-New Brighton (SANB) community to participate in open-group discussions, called Community Engagement Circles. These four successful events held in November and December of 2020 focused on school values that tie into the district’s strategic priorities of high expectations matched with high support for students and staff, and strong communication and relationships with our families and community. These events were also led by Facilitator Marius J. Massie, CEO and director of Professional Development at Breaking Lines Co