Supporting the work of the district

The St. Anthony-New Brighton School Board, in alignment with the school district, seeks to engage each child at heart level, shine a light on their brilliance and inspire their capacity to thrive in a world that is not yet fully know. 

We invite you to attend our meetings, either in-person or virtually, and to attend a listening session so we can hear from you!

A photo of the school board

School board members welcomed Senator Mary Kunesh (far left) and Representative Sandra Feist (far right) at a recent board meeting. 

Starting left: Sen. Kunesh, Laura Oksnevad, Ben Phillip, Mageen Caines, Mike Overman, Cassandra Palmer, Rep. Feist. Missing: Supt. Renee Corneille and Leah Slye

How we measure student success

The St. Anthony - New Brighton School Board is a six member board, each elected for a four-year term. Our aim is to both conduct the business of the schools within St. Anthony - New Brighton and to also see our success metrics lived out in students' everyday lives. 

A boy writing with a marker
Thrive emotionally and socially in adaptive environments.
Positively contribute as a thriving citizen to their community.
SAMS Students Working Together
SAVHS boy playing drums
Harness academic skills and a love of learning.

School board resources


Kim Lannier

HR Coordinator/School Board, School Board Administrative Assistant

How to contact the board

School-level concerns and/or questions need to be directed to your student(s) school:
  • Teacher
  • Principal
  • Dean of students

Option to call or email a School Board member if contacts above does not provide a resolution.

If you need to file a formal complaint, use the form affiliated with Policy 103.