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Standard Response Protocols

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Hold: A hold might be used if there is a medical emergency in the building or when we need to limit traffic in the hallways. Students will remain in their classrooms with doors locked, but class will continue as normal.

Secure: The secure command is called if there is something potentially dangerous outside of the school or in a neighborhood close by. Students and staff will stay inside the building and doors will be locked, but inside the school it will be business as usual.

Lockdown: A lockdown is only initiated when there is an active threat inside or very close to our school. Students and staff will remain locked in their classroom, out of sight, and maintain silence.

Evacuate: We may need to evacuate if there is a fire or other hazardous situation that makes it unsafe to be in school. Students and staff will walk to - or be transported by bus - to a safe location and reunified with their families.

Shelter: We may need to shelter if there is severe weather in our area. Students and staff will shelter in designated spaces within our building to maximize safety.

Standard Response Protocols Posters


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