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Business & Finance

The St. Anthony-New Brighton School District’s Business and Finance Office is committed to providing high support and quality services for staff, community, students and vendors.

The Business and Finance Office is responsible for overseeing the district’s budget, along with managing general accounting services: payroll, benefits, purchasing, accounts payable, and billing.

With a continued dedication and a commitment to maintaining and reporting accurate financial information, the district's Business and Finance Office has earned a Certificate of Excellence in Financial Reporting from the Association of School Business Officials International for the past several years.

Ongoing RFP/RFQ

School Finance 101

Public school districts are local government agencies that are governed by a combination of federal and state laws and regulations.  They are funded by Federal grants, state aids and local property taxes as well as tuition and fees. 

The majority of the district’s funding comes from the state and are impacted by various factors, such as legislations, student enrollment, as well as student demographics.  This complicated structure aims to provide equitable resources to support all students regardless of their geographic location within the state.

School Taxes

  • What is important to know about school taxes? 
    • School taxes are local property taxes 

Financial and Audit Reports

Election History

Learn more about the district's 2023 referendum including information on the two questions, the results and their impact to the school district and community.

View the 2023 referendum page

How are public schools and programs funded in Minnesota?


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