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Care, Culture & Community

St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools believes that when care, culture and community are combined, we can create positive, long-lasting impacts on students, staff and the community. The CCC team is a group of staff member working towards health equity, student and staff mental wellness, school/culture climate, social-emotional learning and equity and engagement. 

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Hennepin County Family Response Information

The Hennepin County Family Response team provides immediate, in-person support and stabilization for children or youth and their parents/caregivers. The team's goal is to keep youth and families stable in their homes by helping them determine and connect to the support they need to thrive.
Call: 612-979-9511
Leave a message after hours. For emergencies, call 911.
Available every day from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m.

When you call, staff will gather basic information and send a family response team to your location within one hour and will: 

  • De-escalate and address the immediate concern
  • Engage and support your family over the next 72 hours
  • Connect you to other supports, including an optional eight-week stabilization service

Support for your family

If your child (ages 5-18) experiences a mental, behavioral, or emotional issue that leaves you overwhelmed
and unsure of what to do, Hennepin County Family Response team is here to help. No situation is too small for their family response experts. You can expect: 
  • Immediate in-person response within one hour anywhere in Hennepin County.
  • Available to families with children ages 5-18 at no cost.
  • Driven by your family's cultural, community, and clinical needs.

Ongoing stabilization

After the initial 72 hours, a free, optional eight-week culturally specific stabilization service can help promote your family's well-being. It can support healthy, safe behavior and your child's ability to manage their daily activities as well as build connections in your family and to ongoing supports in the community. 

Wellness Committee

St. Anthony-New Brighton School District recognizes that a school environment which supports healthy eating and physical activity also promotes students' health, well-being, and ability to learn. For more information, please visit the Wellness Committee page.

Visit the Wellness Committee page

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Mental health resources for families

In March and May of 2023, St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools partnered with Mental Health Connect to provide a series for parents to learn more about children's mental health. 

This first session focused on how mental health impacts daily life and explain behavioral health, mental health and mental illness. Their discussion focuses on the prevalence of mental illness, data about mental health illnesses and how parents and the community can reduce the stigma.
The second session was focused on developing a parent's understanding of how to stay connected to their child when social media and other influential factors are present. Presentation speakers included the Minnesota Prevention and Recovery Alliance, former District Mental Health Coordinator Lucy Rosario, local law enforcement and mental health professionals.  

Parent presentation on sextortion

Parents are encouraged to watch a recent recording on sextortion, presented by Officer Crystal Jones from Roseville Police and Detective Tressa Sunde of St. Anthony Police. This video gives parents insights into preventing sextortion, which is a crime where someone threatens to share private sexual images or videos of another person unless they receive sexual favors, money or other demands. The presentation covers how to discuss online safety with children and provide resources that parents can access to learn more and take action.

Video graphic on stopping sextortion


Parent guidance on-demand courses for families

Parent Guidance is a platform offering educational and therapeutic support for parents concerned about their child's mental health. It features a library of courses developed by mental health experts, designed to provide hope, answers, and compassionate help.

The website addresses critical topics such as recognizing and addressing suicidal thoughts, understanding human needs for a healthy parent-child relationship, and navigating the impact of technology on children's mental health. Through courses, parent coaching, and access to therapists, it aims to empower parents with knowledge and skills to support their children effectively


Parent's Catalyst Leadership Group (PCLG) Support Group

This group is made up of parents and caregivers of children and youth who experience mental health challenges. PCLG advocates for families as part of the Hennepin County Mental Health Collaborative. 

View the recent webinar given by Dr. Lee-Hubble on school avoidance. More support groups are available on the National Association of Mental Illness website

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