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Health Services


We strive to promote the health and wellness of our students because healthy students are better learners. Our health staff work in collaboration to meet the health needs of our students.  

Important health information

Role of District Nurse

Available daily to:

  • Supervise the Health offices. 
  • Perform health assessments. 
  • Develop health and emergency plans. 
  • Plan and lead health screenings.
  • Train school staff to assist with student health needs.
  • Serve as a liaison and resource for students, parents, and staff.

Role of Health Aide

Health Aides, under the supervision of the District Nurse, are available during the school day to:

  • Assist students with day to day health needs.
  • Perform first aid (are CPR certified) and care for ill students.
  • Administer medications.
  • Provide care according to students' health plans.


Lori Watzl-King

Wellness Coordinator RN, LSN
District Office

Wilshire Park Elementary School

Sam Rusher

Health Aid
Wilshire Park Elementary

Ouafae Saad

Health Aide
Wilshire Park Elementary

Middle and High school

Jennifer Fernandez

Health Aide
St. Anthony Village High School