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Curriculum review process

All curriculum review work is grounded in our district's Vision of ensuring success for all students through rigorous, relevant instruction and in a classroom environment that fosters authentic relationships. 

  • Every PreK-12 department is placed in a 6-year curriculum review cycle. 
  • Departments are placed on the cycle based on previous purchasing cycles and the implementation of statewide or national standards.
  • The curriculum review team generally consists of a representative from each building in the department.

Each year of the cycle has a different focus: 

  • Departments who are in Years 1, 2, and 6 of the cycle will meet multiple times with instructional coaches throughout the school year.
  • Departments who are in Years 3, 4, and 5 will meet a minimum of one time with instructional coaches. The curriculum review teams are also expected to have discussions and complete review work. 
  • Departments are allotted a purchasing budget for curricular materials in Year 2 of the cycle. Unlike previous years, departments are able to carefully budget and spend their money on items throughout the six years instead of feeling pressured to spend it all at once.