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Lt. Governor Flanagan visits district's COVID-19 vaccination clinic

Lt. Governor Flanagan visits district's COVID-19 vaccination clinic
Lt Gov Peggy Flanagan visit

On Nov. 9,  Lt. Governor Peggy Flanagan visited the district’s first COVID-19 vaccination clinic for ages 5-11, at Wilshire Park Elementary School (WP).

Lt. Gov. Flanagan’s team reached out with an interest in visiting our clinic due to the district’s success with mitigation strategies that have allowed for in-person learning to continue without interruption or school closures.

“The district is aligned in its work to ensure in-person learning by doubling down on our mitigation strategies. This is because of the unwavering work and dedication by the combined effort of District Wellness Coordinator Lori Watzl-King, the Local Incident Team (LIT), and the School Board,” said Superintendent Dr. Renee Corneille.

Because of Watzl-King, the district was able to administer 240 vaccines on Nov. 9. The clinic also had the support of 11 volunteers, made up of staff and community members, that assisted families through the entire vaccine process. 

The feedback received from participants was that the clinic was a seamless and an overall friendly experience. Two volunteers, Stefan Gingerich and Mageen Caines, who also happen to be local epidemiologists, donned WP’s beloved Panda mascot costumes to bring comfort to potentially nervous kids.

Watzl-King is currently working on adding additional clinics in the near future for families with children ages 5-11. Information will be shared with families once available.

Thank you to Lt. Gov. Flanagan and her staff, for taking the time to connect and support our local efforts to combat COVID-19. And, a big thank you to all of our volunteers, and to Watzl-King for making this clinic possible for our WP community.