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Meet Ben Phillip

Meet Ben Phillip

Next up in our Meet the Board series is Ben Phillip, school board vice chair, father of three students, and deep advocate of teaching and learning within schools - let's learn more about Ben!

My name is Ben Phillip and I am currently the Vice Chair on the St. Anthony New Brighton School Board. I was born and raised in Minneapolis and spent 12 years in Duluth, MN, before moving to St. Anthony in 2004. I reside here with my wife, Laura, married 16 years, along with my three kids, Xander, 15, Linden, 13, and Brannock, 12. In my spare time, I love to cook, play tabletop games, collect autographs, do photography, volunteer, and win in trivia contests.

Most of my career has been in higher education and technology. There are many varieties of IT and my specialty is within customer support and academic technology. Along with that, I have a master's degree in Higher Education with an Adult Learning specialization. I believe I have a firm understanding of the teaching and learning aspects within the district and continually commend our teachers as they do magnificent work pedagogically and continue to grow!

Last year through professional development within the school board, we have been exploring the topic of understanding your “why.” Part of that understanding is producing a purpose statement of why we are on the board. This is my purpose statement:

“I serve to inspire others to believe in themselves and be servant leaders for the purpose of bringing positive change in the community.”

As a school board member, I strive to be a good role model in terms of listening to others, respecting opinions, continuing to learn, as well as being mindful of our tax payer’s money. I believe our board takes all district-related topics seriously and spends a great deal of time digging deeply in said topics at each meeting, which I highly encourage all community members to attend. While we might have a difference of opinions from time to time, we respect our ultimate decisions as we continue to move forward and become ever brighter!

I am the board representative for the high school, Teaching and Learning Committee, American Indian Parent Advisory Committee, Minnesota High School League, SANBE Endowment Committee, Technology Committee, St. Anthony Athletics and Activities Advisory Committee, Sister City, as well as a member of the Minnesota School Board Directors of Color & Indigenous Fellowship.

Please reach out to me at with any questions or concerns. I enjoy interacting with our community as we grow together!