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Response to yesterday’s event at the US Capitol

Response to yesterday’s event at the US Capitol

St. Anthony-New Brighton community,

Within the past 24 hours, we witnessed an insurrection upon the US Capitol. Our country experienced a painful moment which requires us to acknowledge its impact on our democracy, community and, ultimately, our children. 

We are experiencing a range of emotions and wondering how we will move forward together. Our children may be shaken and perplexed, just as much as adults. How might we engage in meaningful conversations with our kids and each other about the events that transpired yesterday? At the end of this message are helpful resources that parents/guardians can reference when talking with their children about difficult issues.

Supporting our students
As a public school district, it is our responsibility to teach and uphold the values of democracy. Our schools are a place for students to ask questions, share feelings and fears, and search for answers or perspectives. This means we practice talking about difficult issues and come together to learn and grow from each other. This is how we work towards providing an equitable educational experience for all of our students. 

Supporting our community
We can model to our children the process of recognizing and honoring each other's emotions and perspectives. Participating in Community Engagement Circles is a great way to practice talking openly and safely about difficult issues. Over the last two months, we have engaged in virtual Community Circles with positive feedback. The next two virtual events— “What makes a community a community?”— are scheduled for Jan. 23 and Jan. 25. Sign up here. Community Engagement Circles will continue throughout the remainder of the school year. Stay tuned for additional information/details about upcoming events.  

As we reflect on this time, let us acknowledge and honor the emotions we are feeling. Let’s reflect on how we can come together as citizens and as a community to allow for our country and democracy to flourish.  


Superintendent Dr. Renee Corneille         
School Board Chair Laura Oksnevad

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