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Two new members elected to the School Board; one member re-elected

Two new members elected to the School Board; one member re-elected

The St. Anthony-New Brighton (SANB) School Board will have two new members starting this January 2022. These two new members will fill two seats which were up for election this year. 

Please welcome Mageen Caines and Michael Overman who were elected to the board on Nov. 2. SANB School Board members serve a four-year term. 

In addition, current Chair Laura Oksnevad was re-elected to the board following the end of her 2018-21 term. 

SANB SB Election results Nov. 2

This six-member board has two current members that will be departing in January. Directors Leah Slye and Barry Kinsey chose not to run for re-election following their 2018-2021 term. Slye has served on the board for 16 years and Kinsey for 32 years.

“Both Barry and Leah are cornerstones not only to our school district, but this entire community. I want to extend my monumental appreciation for their dedication to SANB, and specifically to our students. Not only will I miss their level of expertise, but I will miss their caring and selfless presence,” said Superintendent Dr. Renee Corneille.

Congratulations to our re-elected Chair and new board members! Thank you to both Slye and Kinsey for your unwavering dedication to the SANB school community!