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Ever Brighter: Lydia Yonas & the power of friendship

Ever Brighter: Lydia Yonas & the power of friendship

Lydia Yonas, 8th grade student at St. Anthony Middle School (SAMS), has been a student with St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools since 7th grade. Even though she was a new student, Lydia felt connected and comfortable right away. 

“My first day I reached out to my friend, who is still my friend, and I felt welcomed right away,” Lydia said. 

Lydia loves feeling connected to the high school, especially as she makes a transition into 9th grade. Always having the option to go back to teachers and staying connected; that sense of community is something Lydia feels everyday. 

Lydia’s teachers help her immensely, especially when it comes to topics that are hard to understand. Lydia excels in math and science, and her teacher Ms. Schwintek always takes the time to make sure she comprehends the topics in her class. 

“It all feels like we’re just one family. Everyone’s connected and together, and we’re all growing together. “

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