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Ever Brighter Spotlight: Lu Chaput

Ever Brighter Spotlight: Lu Chaput

We are excited to shine the spotlight on Lu Chaput, senior at St. Anthony Village High School (SAVHS). Lu exemplifies the spirit and brilliance that our school district hopes to foster in all students. 

As an active participant in SAVHS’s band program, Lu showcases his dedication and musical talent and has not only honed his skills on multiple pieces and solos but has also been an engaging member of the pep band, energizing crowds and supporting our sports teams.

Lu has also taken it upon himself to infuse energy and fun into school events, demonstrating leadership and a engaged approach to enhancing the school atmosphere.

Outside the classroom, Lu's interests are diverse. From the challenge of playing poker (watch out Las Vegas!) to the fun of playing volleyball on the new boys volleyball team, and the peace found in reading and watching movies, Lu embodies brilliance. His involvement in founding the boys’ volleyball club at SAVHS has shown his commitment to creating inclusive spaces where he and other students can feel a sense of belonging.

As Lu looks to the future, he is excited to explore new spaces after high school. The strong foundations laid at SAVHS, highlighted by his contributions and the relationships he has built, ensure that Lu is ready for success in the future. 

Lu Chaput represents the best of Huskie pride – dedicated, spirited, and genuinely connected to his school community. We are proud to have students like Lu as part of our district, showcasing that SAVHS is not just a place of learning, but a launching pad for the leaders of tomorrow. Thank you, Lu, for being Ever Brighter.

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