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Our Town, SAVHS spring play, debut in April

Our Town, SAVHS spring play, debut in April

St. Anthony Village High School students are working hard to prepare for their upcoming production of Our Town, a play about a small town in the early 1900’s told through the lives of its residents. It is taking place on Friday, April 14, Saturday, April 15 and Sunday, April 16. 

Two students who are in the show, Josef Haddad and Vivien O’Malley, sat down to tell us more about their role and excitement around the debut! 

Senior Josef Haddad, who has been involved in 20 plays/musicals throughout his high school career, is taking on the role of George Gibbs, a goofy teenage boy who matures throughout the play. Haddad is excited for people to see the show and witness a story that has been performed in theaters across the country. 

“Even though the show was written nearly 100 years ago, there are still moments reflective of today's society,” Josef said. 

Besides being an excellent way for students to explore their creative skills, Josef also believes that theater helps develop his public speaking skills and aided in his success on the speech team. 

Josef moved onto the state championship for speech where he’ll compete on April 28 for the state title! In June, Josef will also travel to Phoenix, Arizona, to compete in the national competition in his category of storytelling. 

Freshman Vivien O'Malley, who has been in seven shows already, takes on the role of Emily Webb in Our Town. Vivien expresses her excitement to be a part of one of the most frequently performed plays and that this time the seating is set up to make the audience more a part of the show. 

The seating style is different this year than last. The director chose “in the round” which means the play takes place in the center with the audience surrounding them on all sides. 

“I think that there are no bad seats, and everyone might see a slightly different show based on where they’re sitting, which is pretty cool,” Vivien said. 

Vivien believes that other students should get involved in theater because it allows them to tell a story and perform in front of people who care about hearing it. She gives a shout out to her friend, June Brady, for making rehearsals a blast.

Our students are truly brilliant, with the power and possibility to explore their passions and talents. Josef and Vivien’s excitement for the show and encouragement to other students are just a few examples of the ways our students are Ever Brighter. 

We are incredibly excited for the debut of the show and we hope you’ll join them for a performance! Tickets available on Seating is limited to 150 people per show, so be sure to buy your tickets in advance!