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SAVHS Restart Progression

SAVHS Restart Progression

SAVHS students, parents, and guardians,

I hope that you are doing well. Thank you for your patience as we prepare to get more students back into the building. It will be very exciting to see students and we look forward to reconnecting with them in person. If you weren't able to watch last night's virtual Town Hall covering the SAVHS restart plan, you can view it via NineNorth's website and review the slideshow presentation. At the end of this message are important next steps- please make sure to carefully read the following important information.

SAVHS Restart Progression:

  • Phase 1: Small Groups - started in January
  • Phase 2: Seniors - Feb. 19, 22, and 26
  • Phase 3: Opportunities for all SAVHS students - Starting Mar. 1
    • Mondays: 9th Grade
    • Tuesdays: 10th Grade
    • Thursdays: 11th Grade
    • Fridays: 12th Grade
  • Phase 4: Bringing more students into the building - date to be determined 

Some key information about the return to school plan:

  • Small Group Cohorts
    • 12-14 students per group
    • Cohorts built on common courses (to the best of our ability)
  • Schedule
    • Hours: 10:00 am - 3:00 pm
    • Normal bus routes provided
    • Daily attendance will still be completed on the grade level google classrooms
    • Students will remain in their cohort room all or most of the day
    • Students will collaborate with other students, meet with teachers, work on their synchronous and asynchronous lessons, and work on coursework
    • Teachers will rotate into cohort rooms to work with their students, provide help, and discuss content
    • There will be some scheduled breakout times for Band, Choir, and possibly Art, where students will remain with their small group and travel to larger spaces
    • Students can leave early if needed or if done with all of their work
  • Lunch
    • Free lunch is available to all students
    • Students will put in a lunch order by 10:30 am
    • Students will eat lunch in their cohort rooms
  • Supplies Needed
    • Charged Chromebook
    • Books, notebooks, pens, pencils
    • Headphones 
  • Mitigation Strategies
    • Masks are required and double masks are encouraged
    • Spacing of 6 feet
    • Students remaining in small group cohorts
  • Next Steps:

Stay Safe,

Justin Sawyer
SAVHS Principal