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SAVHS students sweep Region 4AA boys and girls ‘Triple A’ Awards

SAVHS students sweep Region 4AA boys and girls ‘Triple A’ Awards

Congratulations to the 2022 St. Anthony Village High School’s (SAVHS) Triple ‘A’ Award winners, seniors Brenden Ravndal and Fina Mooney. The Minnesota State High School League’s (MSHSL) Triple ‘A’ Award honors high school seniors who have a 3.0 or higher GPA and who participate in MSHSL-sponsored athletic and fine arts activities. 

Triple A Award winners

For SAVHS, this is the first time that both Triple ‘A’ Award nominees have been chosen to represent the 4AA Region. “This is really big and exciting news for us—it hasn’t ever happened before,” said Dr. Troy Urdahl, director of Athletics, Activities, Facilities & Transportation.

There are a total of eight female and eight male regional Triple ‘A’ Award winners from Class AA schools across the state. Regional award recipients are selected through a multi-level process involving local school selection followed by a special regional committee made up of educators, administrators, region officials, and representatives from the fine arts and athletic communities.

This March, a recognition banquet will take place where four statewide Triple ‘A’ Award winners will be announced, with Brenden and Fina representing Region 4AA. The statewide award winners—a girl and a boy from Class A and Class AA schools—will also receive a four-year $1,000 scholarship.

Congratulations, Brenden and Fina!