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Ever Brighter: Wilshire Park student Indigo takes flight as Shishito the Dragon in Dragons Love Tacos

Ever Brighter: Wilshire Park student Indigo takes flight as Shishito the Dragon in Dragons Love Tacos

The shine in her eye, the excitement as she greets me before the interview. Indigo Houltberg, better known as Shishito in Dragons Love Tacos: The Musical, couldn’t have landed a more perfect part to launch her acting career. 

Dragons Love Tacos is a newer children’s book loved for its quirky humor, disdain for spicy salsa and the best thing ever: taco parties! Indigo, who plays Shishito, a dragon in the wild imagination of a young child named Robbie, has only recently gotten into performance art. 

“Even if it’s just a small thing like a book report, just being out there and doing the performances is all I want to do!,” Indigo, a 5th grade student at Wilshire Park Elementary, said.  

It takes a lot of courage to stand in front of a large group of people and be someone else, but Indigo truly loves it. She says it’s like putting a mask on and stepping outside of reality for a moment.

“I performed at Toddler Day, which is where we can perform in front of students at the mall, and I was so worried. I worried about not knowing what to do, but then I realized I get to be a different person when I play characters,” Indigo said. “Then my fear just goes away!” 

Not only is Indigo perfect for the role, but she also gets to be a part of the world premiere of the story adaptation. “I get to wear green converse and I have this backpack with my head over me. It’s going to be really cool,” Indigo said. 

Her friends all rave back in the classroom about her awesome sweatshirt, which sports the Dragons Love Tacos logo on the front, and are quick to remind everyone that Indigo is “so awesome.”

“I really just go with the flow. Whatever just goes my way I take it!”

Indigo’s 5th grade teacher, Nicole Boxer, nurtures Indigo’s spirit and brilliance in the classroom. It’s evident that she grants the space for her students to engage with others at heart level and let their unique creativity shine through. We’re so proud of Indigo’s hard work and dedication that she puts into her work – a perfect example of how our students and staff are truly Ever Brighter. 

Dragons Love Tacos: The Musical premieres on Friday, January 26 at the Hopkins Center for the Arts, 1111 Mainstreet, Hopkins, MN 55343.

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