Stadium field upgrades 2020-21


Back in mid-May 2020, we shared information with families and the community on the feasibility study for synthetic turf and an asphalt track at stadium field, as well as updates to the stadium complex to be completed at Central Park. Included in that communication was a form where families could submit questions that would be added to an FAQs document (see FAQs below). 

Current project status

As of June 24, 2021, the stadium field and track project is almost complete:

  • The synthetic turf is almost finished.
  • In the next few weeks the track will receive its rubber coating and lines. 

In August 2021, the stadium field will be open for use. Our new facility will have all field events and a regulation eight-lane track.

Where it began

On Sept. 15, Dr. Troy Urdahl, director of Athletics, Activities, Facilities and Transportation, provided the School Board with a final recommendation for this project at their regular meeting. These recommendations were reviewed and approved by the School Board, with construction starting in early October, 2020.

The majority of the prep and soil work for the stadium field project was completed in the winter of 2020. In April 2021, the construction work will start back up with finish-work aspects of the project, including the track surface, synthetic turf surface, and bleachers.

Track is visible



Dr. Troy Urdahl
Director of Athletics, Activities, Facilities and Transportation

Messages and updates sent to staff, families and community