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Teaching and learning at the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District (SANB) is grounded in the ultimate goal of success for each student. Through rigorous and relevant curriculum and instruction, students are challenged to use high-level thinking and reasoning skills, make connections and meaning between their past and new learning, and apply their learning in meaningful ways. Through clear learning objectives, students take ownership of their learning and growth.

SANB recognizes that rigorous and relevant curriculum and instruction is not possible without establishing authentic developmental relationships with all students. Relationships that are built on trust and compassion, but also on high expectations are the center of the classroom so each students can be seen, heard, and valued. Because each learner has different strengths and needs, developing safe relationships with students is a top priority. 

The teachers and staff also recognize the need to model lifelong learning through their own professional development. The staff development at each building is rooted in three priorities - rigor, relevance, and relationships. Supporting our staff and leading this professional learning is the Teaching and Learning Team. This team is comprised of PreK-12 Instructional Leadership Teams (ILTs which are teacher leaders from each site), instructional coaches, School Board members, administration and district office staff, and teacher-union elected officials. This team meets quarterly and throughout the summer to work towards creating and understanding SANB's common goal - success for all. 

The following help provide direction to the overall teaching and learning process: 

Students with a disability may qualify for accommodations for college entrance or placement exams, such as the Accuplacer, ACT or SAT:For details, talk to the district testing coordinator, school counselor or visit the following websites: