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Welcome Quyen Phan, the new assistant principal at SAVHS

St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools is excited to announce the addition of the new high school assistant principal – Quyen Phan. Leading alongside St. Anthony Village High School (SAVHS) Principal Norman Bell, Phan will create valuable relationships with students and staff, leveraging her 13 years of experience in public schools to support the brilliance of each student. 

“Quyen brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and compassion for students and staff,” said Bell. “After sitting down in the interview, it’s clear she leads with equity and inclusion. I can hear in her voice that she's willing to nurture students and do whatever it takes for our students to thrive.” 

Phan is currently the dean of students at Central Middle School (CMS), located within Eden Prairie Schools. Prior to her experience at CMS, she was also the dean of students at Columbia Heights Public Schools. 

“The second I walked into the SAVHS building I knew right away that I wanted to be a part of the SAVHS family,” Phan said. “The love, support, and joy from staff, students, and community members is inspirational.”

St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools is committed to nurturing each student’s brilliance. Our mission aligns with Phan’s trust-building strategy which she uses to meet each student where they’re at in their educational journey. 

“Each child has a story and it’s important to make sure that story is heard,” said Phan. “I incorporate high expectations as well as ensure each child is loved, adored and heard.  

Our district continues to be committed to creating equitable learning environments for all students. Providing transformational learning experiences is crucial to uncover the passion and power of each student. 

“By incorporating different cultures and different climates, we can show all staff and students that they are able to be successful and be encouraged to go beyond the limits of society, Phan added.” 

"Quyen will be an amazing addition to the SAVHS community," said Superintendent Dr. Corneille. "She goes above and beyond to embrace close relationships with students which enable authentic care for families. From what I've seen thus far, I can tell she will be a pillar of support that will generate transformational learning opportunities for students. Welcome, Quyen!"

Quyen Phan starts July 1, 2022.