According to the Minnesota Department of Education (MDE), homeschool parents do everything that traditional private school administrators and teachers do but in the context of their home. This means planning what students learn, keeping all records, managing costs and assuring the quality and scope of their student's education for college recruiters and employers. 

Students graduate from homeschools with homeschool diplomas and homeschool transcripts, just as they would from other private schools. Neither the MDE nor local school districts validate or certify this homeschool education, transcripts or diploma - and do not do so for regular private schools.

All homeschool families can review the information found on the MDE website.

Requirements:  information to submit

All families, who reside in the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District and choose to homeschool their child, must do the following:

  • Contact Mikita Grissom at the District Office at 612-706-1000 or
  • Complete MDE's form each year by October 1 , or within 15 days of withdrawing a child from public school.