School-Based Mental Health


School-based mental health therapy is an opportunity available to all students and families in the St. Anthony-New Brighton School District (SANB). Three therapists from Lee Carlson Center for Mental Health and Well-Being work in SANB schools to offer individual and family therapy for a variety of mental health issues including depression, anxiety, family change, drug/alcohol use, trauma, peer conflicts, etc.

The services provided by Lee Carlson Center are comparable to receiving outpatient therapy in a mental health clinic, but services are provided in the schools to aide in convenience and accessibility: parents do not need to miss work to take their child to an appointment and students miss little class time. 

Appointments are scheduled as frequently as needed (typically once a week or every other week). The therapists do their best to accommodate the student’s schedule to reduce repetitive absences from the same subject and to avoid absences during tests/presentations.

Like a clinic visit, Lee Carlson Center bills each student’s insurance company for the services. Since the nature of this work requires the therapists to maintain confidentiality, no information will be shared with the school unless they have written permission by the student/parent.


Hope Fagerland
Director of Special Education

Sabrina Leung
Lee Carlson Therapist
Wilshire Park Elementary

Sabrina Leung
Lee Carlson Therapist
St. Anthony Middle School

Mary Alton
Lee Carlson Therapist
St. Anthony Village High School