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Superintendent Welcome

I want to thank you for sharing your kids and your time as we embark on another year together.  I will continue to find various ways in which to create a valuable connection with you, our students, our staff, and our community. 

I will continue to be transparent, collaborative, energetic, flexible, ethical, and to be an advocate for all students and staff. We will continue to be committed to and actively creating a caring, safe and welcoming environment by building relationships with all of our students. 

If you don’t already know, I am a former history teacher and enjoy looking at how the past can help us understand our present. The very first SANB policy (Policy 1.1), established in 1954, has held strong over the past 65 years. SANB is focused on providing meaningful experiences for students and their diverse backgrounds in an ever-changing society. Students have and always will remain at the center of what we do- they are why we are here! 

We strive to look at the whole child with their individual needs, their wants and unique paths. In order to make this happen, we will continue to work at inspiring and caring for each child, with the intention to foster the growth of a well-rounded person that is also involved in their community. With this work comes high-expectations, in conjunction with strong-support for all students.

I am very excited for this new school year, and I know we will do great things together. Please know that I am always interested in hearing from you. I want to hear about your positive moments, receive feedback and suggestions, or learn about any frustrations you may have. My door and phone line are both always open to you. 



Dr. Renee Corneille

Dr. Renee Corneille