Our mission, vision, and goals

How we measure student success

We know our students have succeeded at St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools if they possess the following skills after they graduate: 

A boy writing with a marker
Thrive emotionally and socially in adaptive environments.
Positively contribute as a thriving citizen to their community.
SAMS Students Working Together
SAVHS boy playing drums
Harness academic skills and a love of learning.

Our Vision and Mission

Our vision

We are committed to the success of all learners. We will engage, inspire and support each learner through innovation and collaboration.

Our mission

To educate, prepare and inspire a community of lifelong learners in our small, caring environment.

Strategic Directions

Every three years, our administrative leadership team reviews the progress of the goals and if they were met. They also meet to set new goals. Further information on the district's progress will be communicated later this spring. 


Our commitment to educational equity

We believe all students can learn at high levels. We provide high support to meet students where they are at, moving them toward a mastery of comprehension and application of skills. 
We design instruction that is rooted in our belief that each student contains brilliance. We seek to nurture their progress in learning, moving students along a growth continuum of skill acquisition while fostering a love of learning. 
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As part of Minnesota state reporting, St. Anthony - New Brighton Schools completes the following reports to assess our student's growth and success at our schools. These reports act as a baseline for our district. Read through the reports to receive a snapshot of our student's progress.