We are Ever Brighter

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Our students lead incredible lives in and outside of school. Giving students the chance to be their authentic selves allows them to find their brilliance, voice and purpose. As a small, caring community, we take pride in providing a truly unique experience for each student.

Discover what makes us Ever Brighter. 

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Meet some of our students

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This is an image of Julius Mims

School is all about making the active choice to have fun, to have the perspective that you have the choice to make your time at school the best it can be. julius mims, 12th grade student

It all feels like we’re just one family. Everyone’s connected and together, and we’re all growing together. 
 Lydia Yonas, 8th grade student

This is an image of Lydia Yonas, an 8th grade student
This is an image of Alana, Andrea and Violet - SAVHS high school seniors

We have such a unique opportunity as a smaller school district to be able to foster and cultivate authentic relationship-building. 
 Andrea, Alana & Violet, 12th grade students

“Everyday I give them my promises and tell them why I teach. I keep telling them ‘you can always hold me true to my promises to you this year’” 

 John mitsch, 6th grade math teacher

Our core values

We are accountable, challenging, creative, diverse, engaged, global, inclusive, innovative, relevant, responsible, supporting and welcoming. 

Our vision for our students

To engage each child at heart level, shine a light on their brilliance and inspire the capacity to thrive in a world that is not yet fully known. 

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